Today the Article 29 Working Party (the body that represents the authorities of the European Union) announced that it rejects parts of the EU-US Privacy Shield framework on the grounds that it does not go far enough to protect the rights of EU citizens when their personal data is processed in the US. The Privacy Shield framework would allow companies to transfer the personal data of European citizens to the United States. The Privacy Shield was negotiated by the European Commission and the US Department of Commerce to strengthen the privacy guarantees of its predecessor, the Safe Harbor framework, to ensure that Europeans’ data is afforded the same level of protection by the US companies as it would have in Europe. Last year, the Court of Justice of the European Union declared the Safe Harbor framework invalid because those transfers did not ensure an adequate level of protection under European data protection law.

The announcement of the Article 29 Working Party calls into question whether it will be possible for the European and US authorities to reach an agreement on the processing of personal data about European citizens in the US that will satisfy European data protection authorities in the near future and it leaves international organizations questioning how they can continue to process personal data about European citizens in the US in a way that complies with the European requirements. In this teleconference, Mayer Brown attorneys Kendall Burman, Rebecca Eisner, Charles-Albert Helleputte, Mark Prinsley, Lei Shen, and Oliver Yaros will provide you with an explanation of the Article 29 Working Party’s decision and a discussion of its impacts in the EU and US. Participants in this teleconference will learn:

  • What the decision may mean for the future of the Privacy Shield;
  • How US companies can respond to this uncertain environment for EU-US data transfers; and
  • Status of other developments affecting the Privacy Shield framework, including new cases on bulk surveillance before the European Court of Justice.

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