Listen as Mayer Brown Partner, Nancy Ross, participates in an authoritative panel of ERISA litigation attorneys discusses this and more including:

  • Litigation posture since Tibble
  • Advising your fiduciaries in ERISA best practices
    - Selection of fiduciaries in charge
    - Prudent service provider selection and monitoring
    - Ideal review plans
    - Investments with a heightened need for review: After Tibble, yesterday’s prudence might be today’s (actionable!) folly
    Investing in an Investment Policy Statement
    - Documenting your plan’s adherence to procedure, post Tibble
  • Investment management fees
    - Litigation landscape: Major cases and what to learn from them
    - New plaintiff strategies and targets
    - Other areas and agreements prone to attack
  • The implications of an increasingly assertive DOL
    - Discussion of current DOL strategic focus on professional fiduciaries and service providers with responsibility for large amounts of plan assets and administration of plan benefits
    - Update on recent DOL investigations
    - Forecasting the perfect storm of ERISA litigation: Tibble’s receptiveness to the continuing violation theory, plaintiffs’ bar challenging of fee arrangement, and DOL’s proposed fiduciary rule