The last decade has seen sustained acquisition and alliance activity in the airline sector, despite longstanding regulatory restraints and almost ubiquitous scrutiny from governments. The traditional alliance model and antitrust immunity have been challenged. The age of the airline portfolio, under broader holding companies, has dawned. Others have pioneered innovative, cross-border equity strategies. This marquee panel will review recent experiences, with a particular emphasis on common pitfalls, interactions with competition authorities, and notable differences in the regulatory framework in key markets.

  • So You Want to Acquire, Merge, or Ally With Another Airline--First Steps/Final Clearance
  • Joining An Alliance or Going It Alone, the Pluses and Minuses
  • Making an Equity Investment Without “Control” or Joining the Alliance: The New Roadmap?
  • Airline M&A: Realizing Revenue Benefits and Cost Synergies? Do Consumers Win?
  • Antitrust Immunity--Under Attack?

Bill Stallings will participate in this panel discussion at the International Air Transport Association’s 2016 Legal Symposium in Barcelona, Spain.