2015 broke records in M&A activity, with more than $4.8 trillion worth of deals, and more on the horizon for 2016. The hyperactive M&A market drew intense scrutiny by antitrust regulators in the US and abroad, including an uptick in litigation challenging transactions. The FTC issued a new Model Second Request with some controversial provisions, and the DOJ doubled down on its demands to increase transparency around the compliance process, especially in the area of Technology-Assisted Review.
Holly Frost, formerly Deputy Assistant Director at the FTC’s Bureau of Competition and a key drafter of certain parts of the new Model Second Request, will join an expert panel including Oral Pottinger, Mayer Brown, to explore these developments. The panel will also examine leading practices around engaging with the agencies, using the new second request provisions to your advantage, and preparing for enhanced scrutiny (and possible litigation) without breaking the bank or missing the schedule.