Andrew Rosenman will participate in a Strafford Webinar on “Motions in Limine in Employment Litigation: Navigating Key Evidentiary Issues in Discrimination and Wage/Hour Claims” on November 11.

Strategically filed motions in limine – in contrast to a scattershot or standardized approach – can set the stage for success in employment trials by keeping inadmissible evidence out of the courtroom. Moreover, advanced rulings on critical evidentiary issues facilitate counsel’s ability to develop case themes and define the parameters of a trial while ensuring jurors are not swayed by highly prejudicial evidence. Motions in limine can also serve as an effective tool for preserving the record for appeal.

Listen as an authoritative panel of employment litigators discusses how to strategically leverage motions in limine in bringing and defending employment lawsuits. The panel will explore recurring evidentiary issues that arise in employment litigation and offer guidance on effectively planning, drafting and timing motions in limine.