Mayer Brown Cybersecurity & Data Privacy counsel Kendall Burman participated in Decrypting The Gender Gap: Women in Cybersecurity in Menlo Park, California. The event was sponsored by New America’s Women in Cybersecurity Project.

Decrypting The Gender Gap: Women in Cybersecurity

Why do women make up only ten percent of the information security workforce? What are companies and government doing to get women into the cybersecurity field and to keep them there?

Cybersecurity affects personal privacy, business prosperity and the wider economy, as well as national security and international relations. And yet the United States is not making best use of its available talent to tackle this issue.

Without a workforce made up and women and men, cybersecurity companies will not build products that women – half of consumers – will buy and use. That means greater danger for all of us. New America’s Women in Cybersecurity Project brings together diverse and thoughtful voices from government and public policy, cybersecurity and technology companies, academic institutions, and media to generate and reinforce methods to bring more women into the field of cybersecurity. Using original research and policy analysis, we serve as a trusted source of objective ideas for business leaders and policymakers about how to bring women into the technology pipeline, get them into the cybersecurity field, and help them thrive.

Join Anne-Marie Slaughter and New America’s Women in Cybersecurity Project for a fast-paced convening designed to understand what business and government are doing to bring women into cybersecurity, share effective solutions, and determine how to put research into practice.

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