The Chicago Bar Association

Britt Miller will be speaking to the Chicago Bar Association’s Antitrust Committee on developments in antitrust litigation along with eDiscovery expert Adam Bottner and General Counsel, Metals Service Center Institute, R. Mark McCareins.

Topics include:

  • Unique eDiscovery challenges presented in criminal and civil antitrust matters
  • An overview of the eDiscovery issues involved in Kleen Products litigation
  • The role of predictive coding in criminal and civil antitrust matters
  • The relationship between counsel and service providers in developing a discovery plan
  • Cost shifting
  • The role of service providers in the discovery process for antitrust matters
  • Document retention policies relative to antitrust matter
  • Preservation obligations relative to mobile devices in antitrust matters

“Discovery has always played an important role in both civil and criminal antitrust matters.  Because of the high stakes involved in these matters, and the high volumes of documents typically involved, proper use of electronic discovery is essential to effectively manage costs and risks,” said Bottner.  “This seminar is a great opportunity for civil and criminal antitrust practitioners to learn and discuss the impacts in this area as a result of recent advances in technology, changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and case law.”