PLI New York Center

Why You Should Attend

Outsourcing has firmly established itself as a common practice - often being standard for new companies. Sourcing agreements raise numerous legal and compliance concerns that counsel are challenged to manage. Whether in the pre-contract negotiation phase or when problems arise during fulfillment, attorneys on both sides of the agreement must know the risks that might befall them, as well as the available countermeasures.

Outsourcing 2015: Sourcing Critical Services is PLI’s leading program on all the perennial and cutting-edge legal issues that attorneys in this space encounter. This year’s program will offer a review of some of the outsourcing basics, such as the outsourcing life cycle, the components of a Master Services Agreement and contracting for worst case scenarios. Quickly following that, the program will move onto current and forecasted issues, such as the current state of negotiating for cloud services, outsourcing’s relationship with the growing “internet of things” movement and current risk concerns from the supplier’s point of view. Regardless of whether your practice is growing to include outsourcing agreements, or this is your primary focus, this program will deliver useful and practical insights that all attendees should find helpful.

What You Will Learn

  • Outsourcing and the “Internet of Things”
  • Supply Chain Management Deals
  • Supplier Perspectives on Risk
  • Negotiating Cloud Services – the state of the 2015 market
  • Intellectual Property Issues in sourcing agreements - rep and warranties, preserving IP and trade secrets
  • Privacy and Data Security – key contract terms and compliance obligations
  • Pricing and Financial Structures – modeling different pricing schemes and common mistakes to avoid

Mayer Brown partner Rebecca Eisner will present “Privacy and Data Security” and partner Brad Peterson will present “The Outsourcing Process”

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