Excise taxes are affecting more than just the traditional refining and petroleum wholesale marketing companies. Petroleum product/crude importers, pipeline operators, terminal operators, and natural gas fractionators are impacted as well. And, based on proposed legislation, it seems likely that previously untaxed alternative fuels may soon be taxed similar to petroleum-based fuels.

The expansion of commercially available products such as biodiesel and other renewable fuels, and new source/distribution networks due to the shale play, has sharply increased the number of companies impacted by excise taxes.

Please join us for an interactive discussion covering:

  • How to identify if your company has an excise tax issue
  • Pending changes to the taxation of and available credits for biodiesel
  • Taxation on imports of petroleum products and crude oil into the United States
  • Federal income tax benefit for biodiesel mixture and alcohol mixture (gasohol) credits
  • Federal excise tax credits on fuel used in mobile machinery vehicles
  • Updates on issues from around the country