We are pleased to announce that Mayer Brown partners Marcus Christian, Warren Payne, Simeon Kriesberg, Steve Baskin, Andy Pincus and Bill Stallings will be participating in the 2015 OFII General Counsel Conference in Washington DC on October 1-2. This two-day conference will focus on current regulatory and compliance issues that are of particular interest to inbound companies.

Program speakers and topics include:

  • Marcus will participate in a panel on Cybersecurity and Data Privacy - This panel will cover recent legislative and regulatory developments around privacy and cybersecurity, the preparation and implementation of policies and procedures designed to reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity incident and the steps to mitigate the harm in the event of such an incident.
  • Warren will present on Working Washington - Get tips on developing effective government relations plans, with advice tailored to both companies that do and don’t have a DC-based government relations presence of their own.
  • Simeon will present on Sanctions & U.S. Foreign Policy - This session will explore recent developments in economic sanctions, especially with respect to Iran, Russia, and Cuba, as well as how the intricacies of US foreign policy may create complications for US subsidiaries of foreign-based companies whose parent countries may have different foreign policy priorities and regulations.
  • Steve will speak on Intellectual Property - What do the recent developments in US patent rights mean for your company’s financial future?
  • Andy will give a Supreme Court Update - This panel will summarize and highlight the many key business-related decisions, as well as discuss the implications of the same-sex marriage and Obamacare decisions.
  • Bill will speak on Extraterritoriality and Enforcement - The session will discuss the latest cross-border developments in (i) anti-corruption/FCPA, (ii) antitrust enforcement, and (iii) environmental enforcement.

For more information, please visit the OFII webpage: http://www.ofii.org/