The University of North Carolina School of Law's Center for Banking and Finance is proud to sponsor the ABCs of Banking Law, a continuing legal education program that focuses on the basics of banking law for lawyers. This program is designed to provide an introduction to the banking law regulatory structure. It is designed for young attorneys and those who desire a basic framework in banking law, including in-house bank attorneys who do not work directly on bank regulatory issues, and business lawyers who want to understand how banking law impacts the banks with which their clients interact. Others who might benefit from the program include bank examiners and risk and compliance professionals.

Carol Hitselberger and Karol Sparks from Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP, will be presenting a class on “Understanding a Bank through its Financial Statements” and will analyze the basic bank balance sheet and earnings statement with a view to understanding how banks gather funds, redeploy them and earn money. Emphasis will be placed on current events that have reshaped bank balance sheets and the causes of such changes. The guidelines of the federal banking regulators governing the measurement of capital held by banking organizations will play a central role in the class. The session also includes a detailed discussion of the proposed Basel IIII capital guidelines and the changes wrought by the Dodd-Frank Act. The use of capital in other safety and soundness regulations sets the stage for the classes on affiliate transactions and lending.