According to a study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee, the annual economic cost of cyber crime, which does not include physical data thefts or accidental disclosure, is $475 billion and growing. Also growing is the likelihood that any business will suffer a data breach in the next year.

As the almost daily reports of major data breaches illustrate, companies must prepare for “when,” and not “if,” a data security incident will occur. Notwithstanding this daunting challenge, companies are not helpless. Businesses are increasing their capacities to prevent and recover from data breaches and to achieve the best possible results in defending the lawsuits that inevitably follow.

Please join us for an afternoon discussing the emerging trends and strategies in data and cyber security. Topics to be addressed will include:

  • Information security, standards, threats, and trends
  • Preparing for potential litigation before a breach occurs
  • Data breach and intrusion response, recovery, and resilience
  • Government investigations, enforcement actions, and legislative outlook
  • Class action litigation: developments and strategies--and the standing defense
  • Shareholder derivative litigation cases and trends
  • A presentation about Robins v. Spokeo, a significant privacy case that is pending cert consideration before the US Supreme Court.