An increasing number of US-based corporations have been changing the domicile of their parent companies through combinations with non-US-based corporations in an effort to secure lower tax rates. As more of these corporate inversion transactions have been announced, US tax authorities, Congress and even President Obama have ratcheted up pressure on the practice through increased scrutiny and by urging proposed legislative and regulatory action aimed at curbing the trend.

This practical webinar from Mayer Brown and Bloomberg BNA will provide attendees with an understanding of:

  • How inversions are structured and executed and the potential burdens and benefits.
  • The various legislative and administrative proposals relating to inversions, and potential issues they raise when assessing the tax implications for deals that are underway or are being considered.
  • What these proposals, if enacted, will mean for the new foreign parent entities and how an inverted US entity’s domestic operations would be taxed going forward.
  • How inversion transactions typically unfold and what kinds of protections they might pursue in the event that commercial or tax objectives are undermined by legislative or administrative action.

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