The automatic renewal of subscription services has become quite commonplace. Typically, companies renew subscribed services and charge credit-card numbers maintained on file until the customer cancels the service or either the credit card or the service expires. Companies, customers and even the environment benefit from the ease and efficiency of the automatic renewal process and the reduction of paper bills. Nonetheless, there has been a decided uptick in litigation and legislation surrounding automatic-renewal services, primarily in response to consumers complaining that they were not properly informed about, or did not agree to, the automatic renewal policies.

Please join John Nadolenco and Evan Wooten as they discuss current and future cases and pose important questions regarding the scope of automatic-renewal laws. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Existing automatic-renewal laws, including available remedies
  • Emerging automatic-renewal case law
  • Potential defenses in litigation and practice

Companies that offer automatic-renewal services, particularly in connection with free trials, should follow these issues closely and consider whether their practices conform to state law regarding disclosure, consent and cancellation.

For a brief overview, please read our recently published article about this subject here.

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