On June 25, the US Supreme Court held in a 6-3 decision that Aereo, a service that captures broadcast television signals and retransmits them to subscribers over the Internet, infringes the right of public performance held by owners of copyrights in the television programs. The decision is of great importance to the broadcast industry as well as to many technology companies.

Please join Andy Pincus, Rich Assmus, Angela Giancarlo and Patrick Tierney as they analyze the decision and discuss:

  • How the decision has changed the definition of a “public performance” under copyright law.
  • Whether companies can rely on Aereo-like technological work-arounds in light of the decision.
  • What implications the decision has for the carriage of broadcast signals on cable and satellite systems as well as over the Internet.
  • Whether the decision gives momentum to efforts to amend the Copyright Act.
  • What the decision means for cloud services storing copyrighted content.
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