Important developments for keeping up with a rapidly changing landscape

Who Should Attend

Attorneys, business executives, and consultants involved with class action litigation and government officials involved with parallel investigations

Why You Should Attend

2013 was another remarkable year for development of class action law, with cases decided by or pending before the U.S. Supreme Court on issues such as arbitration, Article III standing, CAFA, class certification, fraud-on-the-market, issue certification, and mootness. Lower courts continue to develop conflicting interpretations of the recent landmark decisions from the Supreme Court in the American Express, Amgen, Clapper, Comcast, Concepcion, Dukes, Genesis Healthcare, Oxford Health Plans, and Standard Fire Insurance cases. While many of these Supreme Court opinions led some people to predict a significant decline in class actions, the volume of class action filings in both state and federal courts continues to be high with outcomes mixed. Please join us for this program addressing important legal developments in class action law, with presentations demonstrating that class actions are far from extinct.

~ Thomas L. Boeder, Esq. and Timothy G. Fielden, Esq., Program Co-Chairs

What You Will Learn
  • National class action trends
  • Update on California Section 17200
  • Continuing evolution of the law on arbitration clauses
  • The interplay between government regulatory activity and consumer protection class actions
  • Early motions practice trial strategies
  • Post-certification motion practice in class actions
  • Fraud on the market cases
  • Employment class actions
  • "No-Injury" cases
  • The process for settling and administering settlements in complex class actions and MDLs
  • The current most-problematic issues in class action litigation