Social Media is a new frontier for many lawyers, litigants, judges, jurors and witnesses. From advising clients on running their businesses to running your own law firm, to marketing your practice, to trying a case, to discovery and jury instructions, social media has infiltrated the profession. The explosion of social media has created unprecedented legal risks for clients and law firms alike. It is critical for large and small firms alike to understand how to effectively use and advise clients on social media.

IICLE®'s 2nd Annual Social Media Law Institute is a forum for litigators, in-house counsel, labor, employment and business law attorneys, government or private practice attorneys and other legal professionals who want more information about the legal implications of social media across a broad variety of topics. Knowledgeable professionals on social media in a variety of venues join the faculty for this program, creating materials and presentations to help you be better prepared for handing these issues in your practice.