New York City

Paul DiSangro and Tom Kittle-Kamp – “So Now You’re Done – How to Close My IRS Case?”

Seminar Description:
This two-day seminar with optional third day on managing foreign audits will be held in Washington, D.C. (Arlington, VA) and New York City on May 21-23, 2014.

For well over a quarter century, Tax Executives Institute has offered its Audits and Appeals seminar, educating over 5000 tax professionals in the nuts, bolts and nuance of tax controversy. A number of years ago, in response to member feedback, a third programming day was added focusing on foreign audits, a recognition that modifying this already successful program was essential to ensuring its continuing position as the premier tax controversy educational program. This year, we have again modified our program to refresh its format, refocus it to make it more “hands-on,” and expand its reach, in our continuing effort to meet member needs.

This year, the IRS Audits & Appeals Seminar will be hosted live in two cities, Washington, D.C. and New York City to facilitate greater attendance; Day 1 content has been revamped to focus on practical, hands-on issues and scenarios arising from selected facets of the tax controversy lifecycle. Participants will be able to observe, model and develop controversy-related skills. How do you perform an effective tax return scrub? How do you effectively prepare a non-tax employee for an IRS interview? What does an actual “issue-based” IDR look like? What documents and other “proof” should you identify and preserve to better ensure audit success? How do you develop a comprehensive and effective audit strategy? As you can see, the emphasis of Day 1 will be on “show me” rather than “tell me.” Day 1 sessions will be professionally recorded for future use. Day 2 programming will be comprised of 15 concurrent, 75 minute sessions focusing on technical, strategic and practical controversy issues; this programming will take place live in both Washington, D.C. (Arlington, VA) and New York City. Day 3 content, delivered live in Washington, D.C. only, will again focus on foreign audits and will be led by tax professionals from Baker & McKenzie.

The 2-day seminar provides approximately 14.5 credits on a 50-minute hour basis, 12.0 credits on a 60-minute hour basis. The optional 3rd-day of seminar provides approximately an additional 7.5 credits on a 50-minute hour basis and 6.0 credits on a 60-minute hour basis. There are no prerequisites nor is any preparation necessary. Seminar hours and technical topics are subject to change

To register for the New York City program, please click HERE (2-day member registration $700 / 2-day non-member registration $800).
If you would like to register a group or are registering someone other than yourself, please print and fax in the registration for that is included in the preliminary program brochure above.

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