Not since 2008 has the FCC held a spectrum auction. And now, the FCC's most recent auction of what is known as the 1900 MHz PCS “H Block” signaled the unofficial start of the agency’s most ambitious era yet of selling the public’s airwaves to the highest bidder.

Join us on Wednesday February 19, 2014, for Spectrum Auctions Are Back: What You Need to Know, as our panel of leading experts on spectrum policy analyze the results of the H Block auction and discuss its potential effects to the FCC’s spectrum policy broadly and also the wireless and high-tech industries.

Attend this live webinar so you can receive a detailed explanation of the FCC's 1900 MHz PCS "H Block" auction, as well as:

  • Hear an analysis of the H Block auction results—who were the big winners and how will their wins affect the FCC’s subsequent auctions—the AWS-3 auction and incentive auction—and spectrum aggregation policy generally
  • Learn about the potential effects of the H Block to the wireless and high-tech industries
  • Understand the state of play at the FCC with regard to spectrum
This latest auction brings great change to the future of public airwaves. Make sure you have the right tools to keep up.