Washington, DC

Why you should attend

Events in the past year have again increased the complexities of the Federal government marketplace. Not only do compliance and transparency burdens remain at a high level, budgetary pressures and the sequester have added a further dimension to the issues confronted by both government buyers and contractors. Growing pressures to squeeze more dollars out of the procurement process affect everything from the training given to government personnel, to inappropriate use of low price/ technically acceptable procurements and fixed-price contracts, increasing protests, and how government auditors treat contractors. In addition, agencies are competing with one another and DOJ to recover dollars they view as “fraud, waste, and abuse” through investigations, disclosure programs, and threats of civil or criminal fraud claims. Congress also is exerting more direct control over who can be a government contractor and causes for suspension and debarment. The risks of doing business with the Federal government have never been greater and the remedies available to contractors are declining. This program will bring leading government contracts law practitioners and policy-makers together for an in-depth discussion of important business and legal considerations involved in participating in this market, recent trends, and best practices for companies operating in the Federal government space.

What you will learn

  • Insights regarding the latest legislative and regulatory developments, including the impact of sequestration, allocation of data rights, increased emphasis on debarment and suspension, new rules for conflicts of interest, treatment of commercial items, new procurement and management structure for IT procurements, and other developing issues
  • Overview of dispute resolution with the Federal government and what the judiciary sees as important recent decisions that the government contracting community should be following, including the growing use of fraud counter claims
  • Bid protests – are they necessary, are there too many of them, do they matter to bidders, and are they good for government, current trends
  • In-depth discussion of developments under the False Claims Act, including use of the implied certification theory, use of CIDs, how disclosure programs are affecting contractors, and whether the FCA has fragmented federal procurement
  • An understanding of government auditing of contractors following recent Congressional scrutiny, the prospect for a government-wide, Federal auditing agency, and the impact of the new business systems rule

Who should attend

This program is designed for both companies and government agencies, and their counsel that are endeavoring to understand the rapidly changing marketplace.

Mayer Brown Speakers:
Marcia Madsen
David Dowd

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