The President of Mexico and the two opposition political parties in the Mexican Congress have now submitted their long-awaited proposals to reform the country’s energy policies. The President’s proposal calls for constitutional changes that would allow the Mexican government to enter into E&P contracts with private companies and open up the midstream and downstream sectors, as well as the power generation sector. If the constitutional reforms are passed, many questions will still remain as to whether the Mexican Congress can develop laws and regulations that will attract the private capital, technology and technical expertise needed to develop Mexico’s abundant energy resources. If Congress can strike the right balance, it could bring billions of dollars of much-needed foreign investment into Mexico’s energy sector.

Please join us for this breakfast meeting, where we will examine what is being proposed and the significance of these potential reforms.


  • Duncan Wood, Director of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC
  • Manuel Cervantes, MCM Abogados, Mexico City
  • Fernando Alonso, Elias-Calles y Alonso de Florida, S.C., Mexico City
  • Jose Valera, Mayer Brown
  • Gabriel Salinas, Mayer Brown
  • Dallas Parker, Mayer Brown – Conference Chair and Moderator

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