San Francisco, CA

The wage and hour landscape continues to evolve at a blistering pace, with the potential for damaging claims at an all-time high. Given the complexity of state and federal laws regarding classification of workers and overtime pay, the increased number of displaced employees in the current economy, and the recent enhancement of DOL enforcement efforts, it is no wonder why wage and hour litigation is the fastest growing type of class action today. That is why it is essential that employers and their counsel be fully prepared for the coming tidal wave of claims and class actions.

Renowned federal and state judges, top government officials, and leading outside counsel from around the nation will provide you with expert advice, strategies, and comprehensive updates on:

  • Assessing the impact of Wal-Mart v. Dukes and its progeny on FLSA collective actions, Rule 23 class actions, and hybrid cases
  • Certification/decertification of a class at different stages of the litigation process
  • Overcoming the complexities of managing and defending against multidistrict litigation
  • Managing and defending against the latest claims from the plaintiffs’ bar
  • Ensuring compliance with new federal and state wage-hour regulations and avoiding government agency targeting
  • Preparing for comprehensive federal and state integrated audits
  • Using settlement and mediation to resolve claims and avoid costly litigation

Mayer Brown Speaker: Andrew S. Rosenman

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