New York, NY

The final regulations are out and FATCA implementation dates are closer than ever! The compliance ball is rolling and funds should have their implementation plans already underway. The FATCA Implementation Summit will examine what funds should have done so far, what is next on the list, and what is still unknown.

Topics at a Glance

  • FATCA Today: Overview and Timeline of the Final Regulations
  • Who is Affected by FATCA? – Update on Definitions and Classifications
  • Entering into the FFI Agreement: Registering as an FFI with the IRS
  • Managing Your Clients: Due Diligence in Identifying Existing Investors and Developing On-Boarding Processes for New Investors
  • Reporting and Withholding Obligations Under the FATCA Regime
  • Determining FATCA Compliance with IGA Countries
  • Practical Implementation – Putting it all Together
  • Outsourcing – The Risks and the Rewards

Mayer Brown Speaker: Mark H. Leeds

For more information and to register, contact Kathie Eberhard at 704-341-2439 or