The upcoming US elections present candidates with sharply differing approaches to spending, taxation and regulation. And yet, even before the next President takes his oath, the current Congress and President will have to face a “fiscal cliff” and resolve major tax and budget decisions in a “lame duck” session this December. Major healthcare, financial services and other regulations could also be issued during this time–all of which could significantly impact energy, manufacturing, telecommunications and other business operations in the United States.

Please join former Indiana Congressman David McIntosh and former Chief Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee Carolyn Osolinik as they discuss “What Next for US Business After the Elections?” Questions to be addressed include:

  • What tax issues are likely to be decided during the lame duck session and by the post-election Congress and President?
  • What key regulatory issues are likely to arise during the remainder of 2012 and in early 2013?
  • How should business leaders prepare for the lame duck and the post-election congressional sessions?
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