October 16-17, 2012
New York, NY

Many economists agree that the recession is over, and a prolonged period of recovery is ahead. Commonly referred to as the “new normal”, the global environment is characterized by a competing sense of both optimism and uncertainty. In response, executives are focused both on revenue growth and on managing enterprise costs over the long-run. Challenges arise when there is a lack of a mechanism in place to ensure the cost management program is sustainable, effective, and ingrained in the growth strategy for the organization. Hear from industry specialists and companies on cost management strategies that can help position your business for success in the new normal. This shift to the new normal has many business leaders asking questions that go beyond the typical cost reduction focus:

  • What should be the focus after the low-hanging fruit has been picked?
  • Have structural costs been right-sized to create a scalable platform for sustainable growth?
  • Do operating model and governance structures enable flexible decision making and resource allocation?
  • Is there an enterprise cost management strategy that can be integrated with the growth and talent strategy?
  • What mechanisms are in place to ensure that cost management is sustainable and effective?

On Day Two of the conference, partner Rebecca Eisner will speak on a panel titled “Demystifying Shared Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring to Drive Sustainable Cost Management Practices.” The recent economic crisis has proven that shared services/outsourcing can be critical levers in an effective service delivery model to survive, if not thrive, during challenging times. There are a number of different business model options available to achieve greater economies of scale and generate additional cost savings but also may bring additional risk and investment. This panel discussion will explore the points of view from individuals who have executed insourcing, outsourcing, and everything in between. It will provide insights into how to move beyond cost savings to true business transformation, strategy development, and growth with real examples from leading organizations.

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