Local markets face two key issues. The first issue is the substantive analysis of local markets involving esoteric techniques. During the teleconference we will focus on the tips and tricks of using the following methods: isochrone analysis, fascia count, presumptions, diversion ratios, upward pricing pressure indexes and the concept of closeness of competition.

The second issue we will cover is the importance of knowing whether or not a case will be referred from the EU to a member state or vice-versa. It is a common occurrence for local market transactions to be referred between the EU and member states. The process and how you can influence the decision will both contribute to the outcome of the case. We will exlain what actions you can take and at what stage.

The teleconference will be taking place at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday 25 September 2012 in the following time-zones: HKT, CEST and EDT.

For additional information, please email Suzanne Chandler or call 020 3130 8416.