This webinar will discuss best practices for filing and responding to petitions to appeal and motions for other relief in the federal appellate courts, while providing strategies to make compelling submissions and avoid common pitfalls.

Listen as our panel of experienced appellate attorneys discusses the nuances of federal appellate petitions and motions, provides tips on navigating the system, and addresses common mistakes.

The panel will review these and other key questions:

  • What are the most important variables to consider in filing and responding to appellate petitions and motions?
  • What strategic considerations affect the choice and timing of motions?
  • How do circuit differences and unwritten court customs affect the federal appellate motion practice?
  • What are the common mistakes made by appellate counsel when preparing and filing petitions and motions?

Stephen Kane, Partner, Mayer Brown LLP
Joshua Yount, Partner, Mayer Brown LLP

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