At ACI’s Government Contract Cost & Pricing conference you can expect to hear from a faculty of senior contracting executives, accountants, government officials and legal experts, who will provide you with the updates and insights on how to stay out of trouble – and refine your cost and pricing strategy.

Topics to be covered:

  • Contractor Oversight: What Recent and Pending Policy Changes Mean for Your Cost & Pricing Strategy
  • Defining “Cost or Pricing Data”:  How to Comply with Recent FAR Changes and Ensure Data is Current, Complete and Accurate 
  • The DCAA-DCMA Relationship:  The Latest on Interagency Communication and Enhanced Audit Capabilities   
  • Supporting Subcontractor Cost Estimates and Pricing: Avoiding Lost Profits due to Inadequate Price Competition, Market Research, Data and Mischarging 
  • Preventing Payment Withholdings for Internal Control System Defects and Inadequacies:  Managing DCAA Systems Reviews amid New Defense Business Systems Rules
  • Year in Review of Disallowed Costs:  Recent Challenges to Compensation, I R & D and Legal Fees and Lessons Learned for Determining Allowability
  • Managing DCAA Requests for Records and Employee Interviews: How to Respond and Cooperate while Safeguarding Your Rights
  • Validating Your Basis of Estimate to Prevent Disqualification:  Satisfying Strict Requirements for Detailed Estimates instead of Forecasts
  • When and How to Report Significant Overpayments, False Claims, Executive Compensation and Subcontractor Awards:  Benchmarking Session on Mandatory
  • Disclosure
  • Complying with GSA “Most Favored Customer”, Discount and Price Reduction Requirements 
  • Penalty Update:  The Costs of False Claims, Overcharging and Fraud Enforcement 
  • CAS Compliance and Your Bottom Line: Avoiding Expensive Allocation Errors Affecting Profitability

Speaker: Marcia Madsen – “Using Cost or Pricing Data Exceptions For Commercial Item Contracts: Demonstrating Commercial Item Status, Price Fairness And Reasonableness”

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