Merger control regimes continue to proliferate and develop around the world. More than 90 jurisdictions now have pre-merger filing requirements, each of which has its own notification threshold tests, procedural requirements, review timeframes, and decisional practices.

2011 saw a significant number of developments in this field internationally, with new regimes recently commencing in jurisdictions such as India and Indonesia, and significant changes to the procedures and/or review methodology applying in pre-existing regimes such as those of the E.U., Brazil, US and Russia. Additionally, developments in fledgling regimes such as those of China and Indonesia shed new light on the enforcement approach of the review bodies.

For multinational companies keeping up with all of the new developments relating to merger control regimes, and understanding how they impact proposed transactions, can be a complex and time-consuming task. Accordingly, Mayer Brown invites you to join three of their international experts in merger control matters for a comprehensive update on the latest developments. In this 60 minute webinar, Adrian Steel (Washington), Gillian Sproul (London) and Gerry O'Brien (Hong Kong) will summarise the key recent developments that multinationals should be aware of, and provide tips to help ensure smooth navigation of transactions through the merger control minefield.

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • An outline of the most important aspects of new and revamped merger control regimes around the world;
  • New cooperation and information sharing arrangements between merger review agencies in different jurisdictions;
  • Trends in merger assessment and review processes internationally;
  • Notable developments in other jurisdictions; and
  • Guidance on how best to manage the task of identifying where filings are required for proposed transactions, effectively coordinate filings across multiple jurisdictions, and assess the likely impacts on deal timetables.