The focus for the Masters Conference 2011 will be on Security, Privacy and Compliance within Corporate Litigation.

The convergence of cloud computing and mobile computing have provided great improvements in accessibility while lowering the total cost of ownership for computer systems and service. Re-emergence of centralized systems-of-record whose physical locations become less business relevant and the dramatic increase in the decentralized points of access are creating new challenges for the protection, preservation, collection and management of data.

This conference will offer two educational tracks that will be presented by corporate and law firm thought leaders. The first will be an introductory track for electronic discovery skills and best practices. The second will be an advanced track covering emerging issues of data security, data privacy and data compliance systems.

Planned Topics:

  • Preservation and sanctions: Practical solutions in a fail-fail scenario
  • Cost savings for reviewing and producing ESI
  • Complex search: Technologies, Techniques and Results
  • Data mapping, storage, retrieval: Local, Clouds and Hybrids
  • Responding to a Regulatory Request
  • Corporate data security: How to respond to a breach
  • Data creation-storage-management issues
  • Meet & Confer under a judicial endorsement of cooperation
  • Data accessibility: Preserving and collecting when your data center is cloud-based
  • Privacy from abroad: International Data Privacy issues
  • Privacy: How does it affect preservation and collection
  • Social media: Where is the corporate data boundary?
  • US Judicial perspectives: Current issues of US discovery jurisprudence
  • International Judicial perspectives: Is the US leading or following on discovery and disclosure?

Michael E. Lackey, Jr.

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CLE credit is available.