All litigators must understand and advise clients on the tactics and techniques governing electronic discovery, litigation holds, and metadata. The laws governing e-discovery have changed considerably in recent years with rapid advancements in technology. Today, almost computer application and platform generates metadata, which can be disastrous for your clients. Thus, metadata issues are inevitable whenever client-created electronic documents are at issue in e-discovery in civil litigation, government inquiries and public-records-act requests. Metadata comes to the fore at each phase of the e-discovery process, including in inadvertent disclosures, meet-and-confer, culling/reviewing/coding, and planning.

This seminar provides guidance so attorneys and legal professionals can easily grasp the current requirements mandated under the law, revised e-discovery practices, concerns involving metadata, and compliance required for the retention and destruction of electronically stored information. This seminar will examine the full extent of the duty to preserve electronic evidence and provide practical strategies for streamlining efforts to minimize costs and time in e-discovery. Our nationally distinguished panel of attorneys will discuss the latest techniques in legal hold letters, metadata, document management, and means to use electronic discovery to your client's advantage.

Michael E. Lackey, Jr.

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CLE & MCLE credit is available.