This program will consider the practical impact of doing business with the Federal government. It is designed for companies that are: already performing government contracts or subcontracts, considering Federal business, financial institutions and advisors who may be subject to government contracting regulations under the TARP relief measures and stimulus legislation, and institutions who may be considering financing a government contractor or a public private project, and the legal professionals who counsel them. The program will feature an introduction to government contracting and discussions on strategies for entering the market, regulatory risks and compliance programs, transparency and reporting requirements, litigation and dispute resolution with the Federal government, considerations for TARP and stimulus recipients and contractors, and best practices for government contractors in an era of growing oversight and enforcement.

What You Will Learn

  • Overview of the government contracting marketplace, rules and regulations governing the space, and risks that new and established contractors face
  • Strategies for entering the Federal space with fewer barriers to entry, including commercial item and GSA Schedule contracting and recent changes to those authorities
  • Mergers and acquisitions issues involving government contractors, including acquisitions by foreign buyers
  • Proactive strategies for complying with the regulatory environment and reactive strategies for responding to enforcement issues
  • Overview of dispute resolution with the Federal government and how protests, claims, disputes and unique government contracts issues such as contract changes and terminations for convenience affect the business model
  • Transparency and reporting requirements – how much of your business information will be public
  • Government contracts considerations for TARP and stimulus recipients and contractors, for financial institutions participating in government contracts or public private projects, and the regulatory schemes they need to understand

Speaker and program co-chair, Marcia G. Madsen.

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