PLI California Center

This three-day program is directed to patent attorneys, litigation attorneys and patent agents with or without a Patent Office registration number, but in any event, with little patent experience. It will focus on teaching the basics of claim drafting, patent application preparation and prosecution, as well as a review of recent developments in the law. A litigator’s perspective is also presented to show how drafting and prosecution can influence the development and often the outcome of subsequent patent litigation. It is designed to provide a practical and solid foundation on which to build a stronger professional patent practice. The clinics offer a unique supplement to the kind of hands-on mentoring that senior attorneys are hard-pressed to provide to less experienced attorneys and agents.

What you will learn:

The lectures are designed to provide a review of the patent preparation and prosecution process and explain:

  • How to interview the inventor
  • How to identify the invention
  • How to decide what elements of the invention should be included in the patent
  • How to prosecute an application to result in allowance of an enforceable patent
  • How to interview an Examiner
  • How to use reissues, reexaminations and other post-issuance proceedings
  • How to anticipate patent litigation issues during the patent prosecution process

Palo Alto partner, Michael Molano will serves as co-chair of this program and speak on several subjects including the “Litigation Issues” panel on Day 3.

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