University of Chicago Gleacher Center

This program focuses on critical issues of information privacy, security and data protection faced by all companies. The Internet and other evolving information technologies, wired and wireless, have prompted the development of powerful tools for the collection, processing, storage and use of personal information. These trends create numerous issues regarding limitations on corporate rights to use that information and obligations to protect it from a variety of new risks and vulnerabilities. Legislators, regulators and the courts are rapidly developing new law and compliance obligations to address the privacy and security implications of the information economy. This annual conference focuses on these developments with the goal of keeping attorneys and other privacy professionals informed and up-to-date in this complex and dynamic area of laws and regulations.

What you will learn:

  • The latest federal and state legislation, regulations and decisions regarding privacy and security
  • Foreign developments in data protection law and their impact on U.S. companies
  • The current enforcement priorities of the FTC and the State Attorneys General
  • The unique issues of privacy in the workplace, including privacy of workplace communications and monitoring
  • Information privacy and security issues raised by technology trends, such as cloud computing, social networking, and social texting
  • Best practices in managing security breach risks
  • The latest legislative developments pertaining to information security requirements
  • How to respond to Government requests for information
  • Ethical and privilege issues for lawyers in using information technology
  • Evolving online data collection and marketing techniques and their impact on privacy law

Chicago partner, Rebecca Eisner will be speaking on July 18 during a segment entitled “Addressing Privacy and Security in the Cloud.”

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