9:00 am PDT

PLI’s Fundamentals of Patent Litigation 2011 program will explore what makes patent litigation different from other types of litigation, from the Rule 11 pre-filing investigation through the appeal to the Federal Circuit. Attendees will learn practical details including who to sue and what to put in the complaint.  Learn what discovery is needed in a patent case and how discovery differs from other civil litigation. Disclosures of infringement and invalidity contentions, the claim construction process at and leading up to the Markman hearing will also be examined. Find out what is needed to prove infringement and how a patent may be invalidated by prior art or rendered unenforceable by inequitable conduct.

Topics to be covered:

  • Determining who to sue
  • Whether to send a notice letter and what can go wrong if you do
  • What to do if your client receives a notice letter
  • The forums available for suing for patent infringement
  • What needs to be done before filing a complaint
  • What needs to be in a complaint, and answer, and when to counterclaim
  • What discovery you need to take
  • How claim terms are construed and the process courts use to do it
  • How a patent case is tried and who, judge or jury, decides what
  • What remedies are available and likely to be awarded
  • What issues are likely to be appealed
  • Appeals in the Federal Circuit
  • How long all this usually takes and what it is likely to cost

Washington partner, Gary Hnath will be speaking on, The ITC and Other Forum, Venue and Remedy Issues.

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