There have been a great many developments in the securities litigation and enforcement arena. The US Supreme Court has issued several decisions of interest with respect to private securities litigation and the lower federal courts are now working out the details as they begin to apply these holdings to existing cases. Federal regulators are also increasing their activities following the financial crisis.

Additionally, private securities litigation filings in Q1 2011 have shown a marked increase over Q1 2010: large institutional investors are less reticent to commence private securities actions when their investments go bad. As individual (rather than class-action) plaintiffs, they can proceed in state court under state blue-sky laws — where things can be very different — and they can avoid many of the restrictions imposed under SLUSA and CAFA.

Please join Ethan Hastert and Chris Provenzano as they discuss these and other developments, including:
  • Did the Supreme Court’s decision in Matrixx change the law or just clarify it?
  • The (perhaps) surprising impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in Morrison.
  • Developments in the Madoff feeder fund cases.
  • The recent growth in state court securities litigation.
  • Regulatory focus on new technologies such as new media and algorithm-based trading.
  • The tension between Dodd-Frank’s whistleblower program and corporate compliance programs.
  • New developments in anti-bribery provisions.