The increasing focus on data privacy and the importance of safeguarding personally identifiable information adds yet another dimension to an organization’s e-discovery obligations. Failure to take privacy concerns into consideration when creating and implementing an e-discovery process may open an organization to unexpected risks. The first step toward privacy readiness and compliance in e-discovery is to understand your organization’s data and the privacy laws impacting that data. This webinar will focus on the data privacy risks in e-discovery and controls that may help mitigate that risk. Questions to be addressed include:

  • What are the current US and International considerations for data privacy and how might they impact your e-discovery obligations?
  • What does your business need to do now to assess the privacy risks in your e-discovery process and implement reasonable controls?
  • What considerations need to be addressed in contracting with e-discovery vendors?

Paul A. Chandler
Therese Craparo
Anthony J. Diana
Rebecca S. Kahan

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