New York, NY

The drug and device industries face a landscape that has been complicated by a reinvigorated FDA and by federal and state enforcement actions. Matters relating to manufacturing issues and product recalls, as well as government probes into both pre-market and post-marketing practices, are emerging frequently in civil litigation. In addition, social media has created a new environment where product information can go "viral" and influence both patients and jurors. In addition, a difficult economy has prompted in-house counsel to seek more cost effective ways to handle product liability litigation.ÿ Areas of focus will include:

  • Dissecting plaintiff complaints and finding and successfully arguing their insufficiencies
  • Surmounting defense challenges raised by the presence of co-defendants
  • Formulating defenses for the increasing number of claims that reference both brand and generic products
  • Developing litigation plans that make more strategic use of regional counsel
  • Minimizing the negative impact of drug and device recalls
  • Defending cases in high-risk jurisdictions