As social media's reach expands into law firms and courtrooms, more and more attorneys are using social media tools both personally and professionally. However, there are potential opportunities and dangers for companies and lawyers who enter the virtual world. Recent decisions illustrate how social media information is becoming an increasingly important source of evidence in litigation. In addition, many lawyers who use social media tools are often unaware of potential ethical pitfalls.

Please join us in New York City on November 4 as we look at some ethics concerns and how social media information is being used in litigation.

Topics covered will include:

  • What kind of information is "out there" and being used in litigation?
  • How is evidence being obtained from social media providers, the parties to litigation, and employees of companies in litigation?
  • How does this affect your litigation response plan and your ability to institute a defensible legal hold?
  • What ethical risks are facing attorneys, such as avoiding deceptive practices during litigation, the unauthorized practice of law, violations of state advertising rules, avoiding conflict issues, and preserving client confidences?
  • Are there unique issues when using certain social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn?
  • What does the future hold regarding social media and the law?

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