In a mobile world where the distinction between personal and work communications is blurred by the proliferation of devices such as the BlackberryT and the iPhoneT, the frequency with which employees work from home, and the exploding use of social media, questions inevitably arise about an organization's obligation to take steps to preserve and/or collect relevant data on its employees' personal devices or personal email. Failure to preserve may expose an organization to claims of spoliation, but the decision to preserve and/or collect data held on a personal device or sent through employees' personal email accounts can also present issues with respect to employee privacy rights

Please join us as we discuss practical strategies for managing the challenges associated with balancing the increasing business demand for personal mobile devices with an organization's discovery obligations, including:

  • Litigation strategies for managing the preservation and collection of personal data
  • The potential conflicts between privacy rights and discovery obligations.
  • Establishing workable policies that take into account company culture

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