Given the current global economy, companies are ever-more vigilant about protecting their most valuable assets, intellectual property. The increase of counterfeiting and piracy and the negative impact on trade underlies the importance of effective enforcement of intellectual property rights at the border. A comprehensive enforcement program should take into consideration that:

  • Section 337 investigations at the US International Trade Commission can be used by foreign-based as well as US companies to exclude infringing products from the United States
  • Companies can record their trademarks and copyrights with US Customs
  • European Customs officials can seize goods infringing a trademark, copyright or patent before a lawsuit is even filed
  • European Customs seizures can be utilized by European and non-European companies

Join us for a lively discussion of how companies both in the US and Europe can put Customs authorities to work to prevent the importation of infringing products. We will provide practical tips on:

  • The types of intellectual property that can be protected
  • Procedures that can be used in the US and Europe, including key similarities and differences
  • The types of relief available
  • How border enforcement mechanisms can be used as part of a broader, coordinated global strategy to prevent infringement

Gary M. Hnath
Ian Wood
Ulrich Worm

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