The new financial industry reform's sweeping legislation will change the structure and regulation of banks and other financial service providers. The final passage marks a significant overhaul to the financial industry. Topics will include:

  • A summary and explanation of the most significant changes contained in the legislation.
  • The regulation of large banks and other financial institutions - what will change and why.
  • Does the proposal really end too big to fail? Why or why not.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Agency. What is it and what will it do.
  • National Bank Preemption - what has changed?
  • Industrial loan companies and other non-bank banks.
  • The new role and powers of the Federal Reserve Board.
  • The Council of Regulators. What will it do and who will be effected?
  • What should creditors know about the changes in the resolution provisions for financial institutions.
  • How does this legislative deal with Hedge funds and private equity funds.
  • The Volcker Rule. What is it and what will it do?
  • Insurance Companies and Securities Firms - How are they treated?
  • Derivatives- How will these contracts be regulated going forward?
  • Securitization - How regulation will change
  • Fiduciary duties of brokers - How their lives would change

Charles M. Horn

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