ACI's Products Liability Boot Camp for Life Sciences: The Ultimate Guide for Regulatory Professionals to Minimize Litigation Risks

July 21-22, 2010
New York, NY

This program for life sciences professionals will deliver a clear grasp of the connection between regulatory activities and potential products liability claims. With complex, expensive litigation an ongoing fact of life for the industry, attendees at this program will receive unique takeaways for how to control future risks by exercising better critical discretion and implementing preventive measures. Top products liability defense lawyers for life sciences companies will share the insights that they have gained in the trenches on how particular actions and strategies can help you to overcome the litigation risks facing the industry. Topics covered will include:

  • How adverse events may tie into future products liability claims
  • How product labeling may impact on plaintiff informational defect theories
  • Clinical trials processes from a products liability risks perspective
  • When preemption may or may not offer you current protection from liabilities
  • The relationship between cGMPs and potential issues in litigation
  • Which of your current processes at different product stages can be enhanced to incorporate mitigation of product liability risks

David Gossett, partner in Mayer Brown's Washington DC Office, will co-present the session, "What You Need to Know About Preemption: When Does it Offer Protection?" on Thursday, July 22nd at 1:15 p.m. The session will explore:

  • Assessing federal and state courts' application of the Levine and Riegel decisions
  • Analyzing recent legislative activity relating to preemption for devices
  • Practical tips and strategies for strengthening a preemption argument
  • Interacting with the FDA in light of recent preemption decisions
  • Predicting legal, legislative and regulatory changes - what will preemption look like going forward?

David Gossett

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