Tax Planning for Domestic & Foreign Partnerships, LLCs, Joint Ventures, & Other Strategic Alliances 2010

Chicago - May 12-14, 2010
University of Chicago - Gleacher Center

New York - May 25-27, 2010
PLI New York Center

This three day seminar will trace the partnership tax rules from the birth of the partnership through its operating life, with emphasis on tax issues and planning strategies and opportunities, and then, since for one reason or another such ventures frequently unwind either before or after satisfying their purpose, will focus on exit strategies and tax planning possibilities in unwinding.

Jeffrey G. Davis, partner in the Chicago office, will present the session, "Tax Credit Partnerships: Energy Credit Deals" at 5:00 p.m. on both May 13th and May 26th. Daniel Dumezich, also a partner in the Chicago office, will co-present the session, "Hot Audit/Controversy Issues, Dispute and Litigation Strategies - Partnership Tax Cases" at 10:00 a.m. on May 14th.

Jeffrey G. Davis - Chicago & New York
Daniel A. Dumezich - Chicago

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CLE credit is available.