Hilton New York & Towers
1335 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY

Information Management Network's (IMN) Bankers Forum on Distressed Properties & Real Estate Loan Workouts is part of the Distressed Real Estate forums series. Covering distinct asset classes (hotels, office, residential, retail) and hosted in various local markets (Chicago, Las Vegas, London, New York, Phoenix, South Florida) this series uncovers the latest real estate opportunities in various markets.

This forum is being organized in response to industry demand and delegate feedback from our series of distressed real estate forums as well as the greatly increased level of real estate loan modifications, workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcies. New topics currently under development include:

  • Small Bank/ Credit Union Discussion
  • Borrower Analysis & Internal Risk Rating Systems
  • Loan Monitoring
  • The Risk Manager Panel
  • Fraud Detection; Valuation
  • Loan Loss Recognition
  • Organizing Your Real Estate Workout Group
  • Outsourcing;/Performance Measurement/Best Practices
  • Servicing Acquisitions
  • Buying A Bank: Examining The Target's Real Estate Portfolio
  • Preparing For A Regulatory/Internal Audit
  • On The FDIC's Watch List: What You Realistically Can And Can't Do
  • What Is Your Loan Modification Strategy?; Evaluating The Internal Sale Process Of A Property/Loan;
  • Negotiating Your Sale Agreement
  • Structured Sales: Seller Finance, JV's & Creating Off-Balance Sheet Entities.

For more information or to register, please visit: IMN's Bankers Forum on Distressed Properties & Real Estate Loan Workouts