Millennium UN Plaza
New York, NY

Lisa M. Ferri, partner in Mayer Brown's New York Office, will co-present the session, "Litigating with Multiple ANDA Filers: Brand Name and Generic Perspectives" on Wednesday, April 28th at 9:45 a.m. The session will explore:

  • Choosing who to sue
    - ANDA filers; others?
    - when does it make sense to only sue one or a few as opposed to all ANDA filers?
    - suing the first filer
    - what are the consequences of not suing all ANDA filers?
    - non-party ANDA filers and dealing with the repercussions of "at risk" launches
  • Choosing where to sue: special considerations for multiples
    - risks and opportunities regarding forum selection
    - evaluating MDL options
  • Dealing with later ANDA filers
    - consolidate, stay or keep separate: analyzing the alternatives and selecting strategy
  • The generic's position in the queue
    - general considerations for first to file
    - thoughts for second and later filers
  • Consolidation vs. separate cases
    - dealing with your co-defendants
  • Taking advantage of the multiple defendant situation
    - strategies during fact discovery
    - scenarios arising from experts
  • Achieving a successful outcome with multiple players
  • Maintaining or improving your scenario by the end of discovery

Lisa M. Ferri

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