Privacy, Disclosure and Discovery Considerations Stemming from Cloud Computing

Thursday, March 11, 2010

10:00-11:00a.m. PST

Cloud computing is quickly shaping up to be the 2010 technology phrase of the year.

How does computing "in the cloud" affect considerations for Privacy, Disclosure and Discovery? It creates problems related to knowing your systems, finding your data and determining the applicable laws. It also carries great promise in consolidating systems and data, and in facilitating economical access to data and resources.

This webinar will feature views from both sides of the privacy perspective (the US and the EU) and will address both the problems and promises of cloud computing. Whether you are concerned with the practice of law in a world of cloud technology, the practical aspects of discovery from the cloud, or the advantages of using the cloud, this presentation will hold new viewpoints and information for you.

Joseph Baker

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