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It is indisputable that many litigation cases facing companies involve many elements of digital evidence in today's ever changing technology era. Difficulties in discovering and identifying relevant electronic evidence increase the workload and pressure of corporate legal and IT teams.

e-Discovery and Digital Forensics, which have been widely employed by jurisdictions such as the US, UK and Australia, are powerful and valuable tools to discover and process electronic evidence necessary for litigation. It is becoming increasingly crucial for practitioners in Asia to gain essential understanding of these tools to proactively tackle the evolving challenges of litigation.

JSM (In association with Mayer Brown LLP) Partner Menachem Hasofer will present the 9:45 a.m. session, "E-discovery and the Civil Justice Reform (CJR): What can we learn from other jurisdictions?" on July 21st. The session will include information on:

  • Outlining the underlying objectives and the new rules of the recent CJR and its impact on civil proceedings
  • The significance of digital forensics and e-discovery for proper case management under the CJR
  • Rules and guidelines for e-discovery in Commonwealth jurisdictions that may be followed in Hong Kong
  • What can we learn from the Sedona Principles and the USA Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

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