Outsourcing: Proven Ways To Cut Costs In Troubled Times

Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 11:00am PDT (2pm EDT)

In these challenging economic times, all companies are searching for ways to achieve cost reductions. As in past recessions, many companies are looking to outsourcing as a means to achieve such reductions. This webinar will explore cost-cutting opportunities offered by new outsourcing initiatives and the optimization of existing outsourcing arrangements.

The presenters will explore concrete ways to reduce costs under existing contracts by, for example -

  • Working with providers to identify ways to reduce service delivery costs;
  • Relaxing or eliminating contractual requirements or risk factors that are increasing the provider's cost without delivering commensurate value;
  • Moving services to offshore facilities; and
  • Making more effective use of your contract rights and contract management tools.

The presenters also will explore the outsourcing of additional functional areas as a means to -

      • Reduce headcount, leverage labor arbitrage and convert fixed costs into variable pricing;
      • Leverage the offshore capabilities of new and existing providers
      • Reduce cost and gain measurable benefits through the outsourcing of facilities management, procurement, knowledge management, business intelligence and other critical business functions;
      • Monetize non-core assets by selling corporate capabilities, such as call centers and captive IT centers, and entering into outsourcing contracts with the purchaser; and
      • Implement a multi-supplier sourcing strategy to achieve cost reductions and other measurable benefits.

      Finally, the presenters will discuss the importance of addressing problem contracts and providers quickly.


        Daniel A. Masur
        Partner, Business & Technology Sourcing Group

        Dan Masur represents national and international clients in a broad range of on-shore, near-shore, and offshore information technology and business process sourcing transactions involving global and niche outsourcing providers, offshore captives and various hybrid structures. Prior to joining Mayer Brown in 1997, Dan served as General Counsel of I-NET, Inc., a rapidly growing provider of information technology, telecommunications and outsourcing services. Chambers accords Dan its highest ("star") rating," describing him as "renowned in the marketplace as the architect of the firm's outsourcing practice," and as having "'a deep knowledge of the law, market conditions and the state of the industry overall.'" Chambers also has described Dan as "a former general counsel of a high-tech firm . said to know both sides of the issues facing his clients," and "as the first port of call for complex outsourcing matters."

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