In today's fast-paced business environment, implementing a solid records retention policy is increasingly important. Almost any written document about a company could be considered a business record. Companies are now expected to retain and manage those records, creating the need to handle potentially millions of records annually. In turn, courts expect large companies to be well prepared to promptly prevent the loss of relevant information when litigation looms, and to effectively and timely identify and produce relevant documents. Sanctions are routinely imposed when these expectations are not met. Managing such a large number of records is thus fraught with both legal and ethical challenges. This webinar will focus on key topics, including:

  • Issues to consider when creating a document retention policy (including privilege, e-documents, and spoliation)
  • Document preservation in light of Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Conducting document searches
  • Defenses if document retention is challenged
  • Handling IRS and foreign audits

Presented by:

Ray Dybala, Partner, Chicago. Mr. Dybala is a former Senior Vice President and Director of Worldwide Tax at Motorola, Inc., where he was responsible for directing all aspects of Motorola's worldwide tax function.

Thomas Kittle-Kamp, Partner, Chicago. Mr. Kittle-Kamp represents clients in all phases of tax controversy and litigation. He advises clients with respect to administrative matters, including IRS audits, IRS Appeals and competent authority negotiations, as well as the litigation and trial of tax cases.

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